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Variety of olives Leccio del Corno, envelops you with irresistible force and passion

Cultivar: 100% Leccio del Corno

Taste: Fruity and moderately delicate, slightly citrusy with a hint of bergamot, yellow flowers, tomato and green pepper. Slightly bitter, perfectly harmonized with its spiciness. Lingers on the palate

Use: To appreciate its characteristics it suits the following flavours: Pasta al polpo di scoglio (octopus pasta) still warm, salted fish, braised pigeon or dove. [...]

Tuscan IGP


Il Cavallino Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscan IGP is made exclusively from olives that are produced on farms from the Tuscany region.

The harvest of the olives destined for the production of extra virgin olive oil, takes place directly from the plant  and not from the ground  as the fruits never reaches an advanced level of ripeness. In this way the fruit remains intact and rich in all its organoleptic properties.

Before the pressing takes place, which is done no later than 12 hours from the harvest, the [...]

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