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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscany has always been an ideal place for the growth of olive-trees because of its climate and fertile land.

All these reasons favoured the development and improvement of the art of cultivation of olive-trees so that with the passing time it has become unique and incomparable. 

Maybe all of you do not know that the extra virgin olive oil is the only fundamental food obtained directly from the fruit itself. The squeezing is done mechanically, but it must not alter the temperature of the mixture during the pressing.(cold pressing). In order to be extra virgin, the olive oil must have a percentage of oleic acid lower that 1%. The production of olive oil is given by different moments: harvesting, washing, pressing, decantation, centrifugation and filtering.

"Il Cavallino" has a restricted production if it is compared to the effective annual production of our olive-trees around the fields in Montescudaio, Bibbiona and Cecina. Our oil, with the respect of our tradition, comes from olives of the following type: Razza (frantoio), Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino and it has a special typical sweet taste "caratteristico" with a fruit flavour. 


It favours the anti-oxidative process on the free radicals. It is a natural anti hypertension. Lowers the values of the LDL cholesterol. Lowers the formation of atheromatous plaques Favours the metabolism of the liver. Reduces the glycemia (sugars within the blood) 

The olive oil is a source of fundamental vitamins such as A, D, E and it favours the absorption of the others.

In addition to this, it is useful to prevent some cardiovascular diseases (ictus, myocardium infarctation and arteriosclerosis)