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The Salvadori family, who produces "Il Cavallino" extra virgin olive oil, are natives of Montescudaio, a small village nestled in the hills near the coast of Cecina, where woods, vineyards and olive groves welcome travelers passing by. 

Many years ago, a visitor could find Pietro Salvadori with his sons Pasquino and Salvo working in their fields, tending their olive trees and vineyards, always ready to offer a "gotto" (sip) of wine to friends or strangers who stopped to visit.

Over the years, the Salvadori olive groves have expanded from the hills of Montescudaio down into the valleys of Bibbona and Cecina. Today, if one passes by our farm, they will likely find the fifth generation of Salvadoris still tending to the family olive trees.

Over the past few decades, the Salvadoris have slowly moved the family farm to Bibbona, coloring the land with their silver green olive trees, yet remaining anchored to Montescudaio where they still press the olives at the family olive press.

The Salvadoris have a limited production of premium-quality, extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino" which is greatly admired the world over. Every year, tourists who taste our oil in typical Tuscan dishes, take it home with them as a souvenir from Tuscany.