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Il cavallino special edition

The product of Franco Salvadori's dream to bring the company in very rare variety of tuscan origin Leccio del corno to its very high nutritional quality and its exquisite aroma and harmonious olive taste. The variety Leccio del corno is a prized fruitfound only in our tuscan territory.

The small trees were planted about 10 years ago, today we have a small production to increase over time.

The excellent quality of this fruit is unique among the queens of the tuscan varieties from the point of view of quality and taste, with high nutritional and polyphenolic values.


Discovered at the "Corno" farm in the village of San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence), the variety has spread to the colder areas of Tuscany. It is a plant of medium vigour and has an expanded spreading habit. Its highly dense foliage is characterised by erect branches and its very close internodes. The total growth of the nursery trees is limited (158 cm) and entry into production at new plantations is late.

The medium intensity bloom coincides with the "Frantoio" variety. The self-incompatible flowers have an ovary abortion rate of 20%. For good fructification the presence of pollinating plants such as the "Pendolino"and "Frantoio" and "Piangente" is required. The fruits are oval-shaped and medium sized. They are late maturing with a low peel strength (450 g). Productivity is low but changes little. The oil yield of fresh olives is 19%.

Nutritional Values

A high presence of total polyphenols (9200 mg/kg of olives) was recorded in the fruits and these tend to rise until the November harvest. Even the single variety oil is well packed with polyphenols. Natural root formation is null and, with the application of IBA (3000 ppm) values of 15% are reached. It is a plant that is resistant to low temperatures and is also recommended for its considerable tolerance to Peacock spot.