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Cavallino classic / PGI
2 bottles of 500 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cavallino classic / PGI
2 bottles of 500 ml
Our traditional pressing of olives / Gentle from Tuscany

Taste: In the mouth it is sleek and enveloping with strong balsamic herbal tones with rosemary and mint in evidence to which the spicy notes of black pepper are added, encased in sweet almond. Slightly bitter and spicy, strong and balanced.

Use: A perfect combination with seafood antipasti, spelt salads, marinated sea bream, vegetables au gratin, creamed potatoes, stews, stewed lake fish. A drop of this oil on vanilla ice cream is fantastic.

Cultivar: 45% Oil mill, 40% Leccio del corno, 5% Lazzero, 10% Maurino.

Taste: Fruity and delicate, slightly citrusy with a hint of bergamot, yellow flowers, tomato and green pepper. Slightly bitter perfectly harmonized with spicy taste. Lingers n the palate.

Use: To appreciate its characteristics, it is suitable for seasoning: pasta with octopus still warm, salted fish, pigeon or dove "al pentolo". Plain Tuscan Tortelli, very good with catch of the day frash fish, pasta with white seafood sauce, shellfish stew.

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