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Calorie: 365 Kcal

Preparation: 20 min

Cooking: 30 min

Difficulty: easy

· Cold butter: 100 g
· 00 flour: 200 g
· Cold water: 60 g
· Salt up: 2 g
· Dried oregano: 1 g

· Basil: 20 g
· Extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino Special edition: 80 g
· Pine nuts: 50 g

· Mozzarella: 150 g
· Copper tomatoes: 200 g
· Basil: to taste
· Dried oregano: to taste

Preparation To prepare the caprese savory pie, start making the shortcrust pastry.
Put the flour, the salt and the cold butter cut into cubes in the mixer and start to blend until you get a sandy and floury mixture.
Then transfer it to a pastry board, give it the classic fountain shape and add the dried oregano in the center. Pour in the cold water and start kneading quickly, so as not to heat the dough.
Work until the mixture is compact, then wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest for 40 minutes in the refrigerator. After the resting time has elapsed, take the dough from the refrigerator and roll it out on a lightly floured surface, until it is 1 cm thick.
Then wrap the dough on the rolling pin and transfer it to a rectangular mold 35X11, press lightly with your fingers to make the dough adhere well to the mold and cut any excess dough.
Prick the base of the savory pie with the tines of a fork, line it with a rectangle of parchment paper, slightly larger than the mold, and continue cooking blindly.
Pour the ceramic balls (or dried chickpeas) on the parchment paper and bake in a preheated static oven at 180 ° for 30 minutes (if you use the convection oven, cook at 160 ° for about 25 minutes).
Once out of the oven, remove the balls and let them cool. In the meantime, dedicate yourself to preparing the basil cream.
Gently wash and dry the basil leaves, then pour them into the glass of a mixer together with the pine nuts, add the oil slowly and start blending until you get a smooth cream.
At this point, transfer it to a bowl and add salt. Cut the mozzarella into slices and let it drain in a colander, just long enough to finish the other preparations.
Also cut the tomato into slices and set aside.
Take back your shortcrust pastry base, now cold, and start pouring the basil cream. Level it, covering the entire surface of the base and start arranging the mozzarella slices, alternating them with those of tomato.
Finish your caprese savory pie with some basil leaves, a pinch of oregano and serve.

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