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Il Cavallino Tuscan IGP
6 bottles of 0.50 liters

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Il Cavallino Tuscan IGP
6 bottles of 0.50 liters

Il Cavallino Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuscan IGP is made exclusively from olives that are produced on farms from the Tuscany region.

The harvest of the olives destined for the production of extra virgin olive oil, takes place directly from the plant  and not from the ground  as the fruits never reaches an advanced level of ripeness. In this way the fruit remains intact and rich in all its organoleptic properties.

Before the pressing takes place, which is done no later than 12 hours from the harvest, the olives are washed at room temperature without undergoing any other type of treatment.

For the extraction of the Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino, we exclusively use a mechanical processes of a 2-phase crusher to guarantee an oil with no alterations of the peculiar characteristics of the fruit.

Before being bottled, the extra virgin olive oil IGP Il Cavallino is subjected to rigid checks by the Consortium for the protection of Tuscan oil. Their duty is to verify that the oil is in compliance with the Tuscan disciplinary regulations

Colour requirements: green colour with shades of golden yellow that variates over time;

Tasting notes : medium fruity flavour accompanied with hints of almond, artichoke and green leaf , with a delicate spicy sensation

Passing the tasting test by qualified and independent personnel called Panel Test

Qualifying chemical analysis by independent laboratories that certifies the quality and is in compliance with the disciplinary requirements.

Only after passing all these, the oil can be packaged and each bottle has its own traceable numbered label, which guarantees the purchase of  an authentic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP

  Il Cavallino