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The year 2014 for the extra virgin olive oil Romina Salvadori and the company
article published on 20/04/2015

A 2014 to throw for the oil? '' Do not generalize '', says Romina Salvadori Il Cavallino Bibbona, '' In some situations and with much expertise you have obtained excellent extra virgin olive oil ''. 

2014 was a difficult year? 
Certainly, not deny it. The climate there has certainly helped. Spring was very warm, with the presence of many of those that are improperly called "bubbles of heat." Already this phenomenon has a negative effect on flowering and fruit formation. Then the summer was very wet, with many hailstorms which fortunately have not touched our area of Tuscany Coast. The weather conditions have also caused abnormal development of the Moscow oil production (Olive fruit fly) that attacks the fruits injecting eggs that hatch after a few days doing the berry rot. 

You have managed to counter the oil fly somehow? 
Certainly. We did not stop for a moment and this resulted in a non-stop work very hard and complex. Fortunately we are devoting much attention to the biological world, and we have long adopted practices to protect the environment. We are looking for a natural balance with the use of non-synthetic products and the intervention of factors contrast to the insect with various systems, including the use of the bats of which favor the acclimatization. 

You still resorted to chemistry? 
Yes, in some phases of attack claimed we made ​​use of mineral products. In the period before the collection we have, however, suspended by using natural products. The rest involved interventions always very timely, ie the period between treatment and harvest it should not provide the slightest delay or mishap. We preferred to resort to an early harvest as possible compared to full maturity, and in some cases even a month, and this in order to preserve to the maximum the vegetable aromas and fruity oil. This unfortunately has affected the yields that were significantly lower, but the quality that was is exceptional. 

How does the crop in terms of quantity and quality? 
We had a significant drop in the quantity produced and unfortunately our customers will sip their consumption. Instead, we are very happy with the quality. It is certainly not a year from primates and among the best, but the products, both monocultivar that the blend, have excellent characteristics of fruity and a good balance between spicy and bitter. This taste is less pronounced than the classic vintages, but for some customers this is indeed a positive characteristic and pleasant. 

Participate in international competitions? 
Our extra virgin olive Holm Horn Special Edition has organoleptic extraordinary. Whereas in other countries of the Mediterranean problems are not missed, we think we can keep at the top of the charts at least for the northern hemisphere. We are preparing in these days shipments of samples and perfecting entries to competitions around the world, from New York to Copenhagen, from Israel to Japan. 

And what about the prices? 
Our extra-virgin have always had a great relationship between quality and price. It is true that the cost of production this year has skyrocketed because of all the care that we had to have to get a high quality product, but we do not want to fall on our customers business choices. We are proud to offer a product definitely territorial, healthy and safe at correct prices and accessible. There are many rumors and even pessimistic disparaging on oil production this year, but we can prove to the origin and health of our oils refers mainly to the absence of pesticide residues. We can offer a high quality product for perfume and taste of all territorial and absolutely healthy.