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Master of Oil in Pietrasanta 2021
article published on 01/07/2021

We are pleased to announce the winning of the Gemma Mastro D'oro to the Master of Oil in Pietrasanta 2021 with Il Cavallino Special Edition.
Friday 11 - Saturday 12 - Sunday 13 June 2021
40 producers of extra virgin olive oil, 20 artisans of taste, market of taste, show cooking by Italian and French chefs. Talk on nutrition and healthy eating, Guided tastings of Evo oil and wines from major producers From 10:00 in the morning, until the rising of the moon.

What is Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta?
Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta will be the occasion to celebrate the reopening of the whole of Italy and the true Renaissance of food and wine excellence and extra virgin olive oil. The center of the city of marble, in the location of the Cloister of Sant’Agostino and Piazza Duomo, will host a festival of the best artisanal extra virgin olive oil companies and Artisans of Taste who will make their products of excellence known.

Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta will be a market for the taste of Italian quality oil and an opportunity to celebrate together the Crowns and Maestrod’olio Gems of the Terred’Olio 2021 guide through their award ceremony on Thursday 10 June 2021. Workshops for children, seminars on the healthy importance of extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean diet, show cooking by great Italian and French chefs, as well as well-known faces from the Discovery Channel, specialized masterclasses, a photo contest, temporary exhibition of works of art by artists such as Giuseppe Carta and Andrea Roggi.