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Gold New York for the extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino Bibbona
article published on 30/04/2015

A demonstration of good agronomic practices applied by Franco and Romina Salvadori in a difficult year like 2014, characterized by rainfall and attacks of the olive fruit fly, one of the most prestigious international awards enriches the palmares of the farm Il Cavallino Bibbona . 

The New York International Olive Oil Competition is defined as the most important competition in the world in the field of extra-virgin olive oil. 
In Edition 2015, including more than 700 participants from 25 countries, the oil Leccio del Corno Il Cavallino Special Edition has won the coveted Gold Award in the Medium class Monovarietal, a gold medal very heavy given the conditions in which the harvest is done. 

The splendid result follows the awards won by the gold medal in the competition Monocultivaroliveoil.Expo2015, the recognition of "Best Oil of Tuscany" and Corona Maestrod'olio for Terre d'oil Fausto Borella and Gourmet Gold medal at the International Prize of AVPA Paris. 
A demonstration of how the face of difficulties Vintage, a run olive banner of good agricultural practices and philosophy of environmental balance, professionalism and many years of experience have allowed us to interpret the needs of the plant and in any case have led obtaining excellent results. 

The Special Edition is obtained from the pressing of olives Leccio del Corno in purity and is an oil with a fruity-mild, slightly citrus with hints of bergamot, yellow flowers, tomato and green pepper. The palate is slightly bitter perfectly harmonized by the spicy and has very long persistence. 
To make the most of their characteristics can be used as a sauce for pasta with octopus reef for the fish with salt, cook for a pigeon to pentolo. Also try with Tuscan herbs and ricotta ravioli, pasta with seafood in white, shellfish stew