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Bronze medal for the Cavallino Special Edition for the 2015 edition of
article published on 28/05/2016

Only one winner, regardless of the category and country of origin: this is The Magnificent in its final formula. As is known, the non-profit Association Award The Magnificent was born in memory of Marco Mugelli and Massimo Pasquini, the memory of which is called the premium. In line with the teachings of the two teachers who have strongly affected the quality of extra virgin Tuscan arisen before, and Italian and international then, the founders have decided that The Magnificent should be a prize that will be awarded each year to the oil It received the highest score from the tasting panel.
So the best oil ever, whether Italian or foreign, because the excellence have no borders or barriers, and the tasters do not have and should not have prejudices. On the other hand, the association was founded with the intention of identifying excellence and to help them to emerge on the international market, at the same time promoting a correct perception of the oil among consumers. The Magnifico is an independent award, and as such capable - thanks to the collaboration with expert panel and mature - to identify the best products in the world in total transparency and impartiality.
This year, the extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino has brought home a wonderful third place!