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Tuscany is a green cradle hidden beneath the Apennine shelters itself from the cold east wind. It protrudes till it touches the warm water of the Mediterranean sea. Tuscany is like a palette changing with the changing seasons, passing from intense green of its macchia to the pastel coloured fields, to the silver of its wind waving olive trees.

Within this frame the centenarian tradition of the Salvadori is born and grown. It is an antique art transmitted from father to son and each year renew itself always respecting the rules of the forefathers.

"The Cavallino" olive oil farm was born in the fields in Bibbiona (LI) county, in the small plain that links the hills to the sea, in the very core of Etrurian coast. It is situated in the north between Cecina, and the medieval villages in Montescudario, Casale M.mo and Guardistallo in the east, Castagneto Carducci in the south and the Island of the Tuscan archipelago in the west.

This is an unique area which gives to the extra virgin olive oil a special incomparable taste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Il Cavallino Agricultural Company "Il Cavallino"
Via paratino 43 - Loc. Case Sparse
57020 Bibbona (LI) Tuscany Italy

Latitude: 43° 16' 53.490
Longitude 10° 33' 19.534

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VAT 01001070497
Phone. +39 0586 677383
Fax +39 0586 677120



Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30, from 14.30 to 19.00
Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30

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Via Paratino 43 - Loc. Case Sparse Pod. S. Giulia 57010 Bibbona (LI) Tuscany Italy
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