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TASTE FLORENCE 7-8-9 March 2015
article published on 27/02/2015

In a tasting journey of products submitted by 320 companies craft are unable to deepen the gastronomic wealth of our country. But there is a product that everyone can boast of a nobility of origin due to the profound link between its organoleptic qualities and the healthy: the extra virgin olive oil. This product has returned from one of the worst years that human memory memories. But it is precisely in this situation that the professionalism, tenacity, love for their work and their land emerge to give a product reduced in quantity, but of great quality value.


From the farm "PONY" of ROMINA Salvadori,

The Cavallino® with more than 16,000 old olive trees and a tradition of production that has lasted three generations came out an oil that is reaping prestigious awards, prizes and citations to testify its absolute quality. Repeated treatments and timely, but especially rapid response, immediate collection and crushing, mixing very fast to record high oil intense fruity and harmonious taste and snappy. Company boast the monocultivar Leccio del Corno.
The Cavallino will be present at the appointment most delicious of the year, designed by the famous "Gastronauta" Davide Paolini, involving Florence and Tuscany whole with a phantasmagoric swirl of surprises and events.