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It begins the olive harvest
article published on 12/10/2015

"We started the harvest and the pressing of the olives and the first results are very satisfactory." So says a Romina Salvadori, owner of the farm Il Cavallino Bibbona, beaming with joy and his face lit up at seeing the hard work play in the fields rewarded by the beauty of the fruit harvest and the quality of freshly pressed oil.
"The 2014 is now just a bad memory," says Romina Salvadori. "It was a difficult year, but especially poor. We managed to obtain a product still excellent, as evidenced by the numerous awards won, but the reduction of the amount involved the problem of not being able to meet 100% of the required product from our customers. This year's harvest promises to close to normal in years of abundant harvest. Needless to make the comparison with the amount of 2014, let's just say that we will satisfy even the number of new customers many of which came from international markets, from the US to the Emirates, from Korea to Japan and China. "
The seasonal pattern has seen a cool spring with rains that allowed an accumulation of water reserves in the ground, then immediately it is made off the sun with its rays benefits, the great brightness and heat of July and early August that led maturation to develop perfectly, progressive and balanced. There have been attacks of olive fruit fly in the area, so the work in the field was limited to soil care and control of plants.
"Now we control every day the state of maturation," says Romina, "and in this my father Franco has a particular sensitivity to recognize the perfect time of harvest for each variety and each plot. At sunrise we begin to gather in the chosen area and then in the afternoon we bring the harvest to our oil mill and we press immediately. Even the kneading is fast: get lesser amount, but the quality, the flavors and aromas are of an extraordinary level. "
This year we can count on the presence on the table and then in the kitchen of an oil of excellence. And this applies to both the "pearl" of the company as the monocultivar Special Edition Holm Horn and Maurino, but also for the traditional Tuscan blend, including the Organic is becoming an increasingly large productions of Il Cavallino.