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Slow food Italy 2022
published Thursday, April 21, 2022

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We are pleased to inform you that Azienda Agricola Il Cavallino will be among the companies recommended by Slow food. We look forward to seeing you for the official presentation to be held on 30 April 2022 in Florence, in the Sala d'arme of Palazzo Vecchio.



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published Thursday, July 15, 2021

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The food pairing at 𝐶𝑎𝑣𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑜'𝑠 ℎ𝑜𝑚𝑒, is an exchange of tastes and flavors about the tradition of the Tuscan cuisine.



Master of Oil in Pietrasanta 2021
published Thursday, July 1, 2021

We are pleased to announce the winning of the Gemma Mastro D'oro to the Master of Oil in Pietrasanta 2021 with Il Cavallino Special Edition.
Friday 11 - Saturday 12 - Sunday 13 June 2021
40 producers of extra virgin olive oil, 20 artisans of taste, market of taste, show cooking by Italian and French chefs. Talk on nutrition and healthy eating, Guided tastings of Evo oil and wines from major producers From 10:00 in the morning, until the rising of the moon.

What is Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta?
Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta will be the occasion to celebrate the reopening of the whole of Italy and the true Renaissance of food and wine excellence and extra virgin olive oil. The center of the city of marble, in the location of the Cloister of Sant’Agostino and Piazza Duomo, will host a festival of the best artisanal extra virgin olive oil companies and Artisans of Taste who will make their products of excellence known.

Maestrod’olio in Pietrasanta will be a market for the taste of Italian quality oil and an opportunity to celebrate together the Crowns and Maestrod’olio Gems of the Terred’Olio 2021 guide through their award ceremony on Thursday 10 June 2021. Workshops for children, seminars on the healthy importance of extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean diet, show cooking by great Italian and French chefs, as well as well-known faces from the Discovery Channel, specialized masterclasses, a photo contest, temporary exhibition of works of art by artists such as Giuseppe Carta and Andrea Roggi.



published Thursday, July 1, 2021

Azienda Agricola Il Cavallino is pleased to announce the winning of the prize:
SILVER MEDAL - Traditional



published Thursday, July 1, 2021

Azienda Agricola Il Cavallino is pleased to announce the winning of the prize:
GOLD MEDAL - Special edition



Selection for the "Regional selection of DOP and IGP 2021 extra virgin olive oils"
published Thursday, June 10, 2021

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We are pleased to inform you that our Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been selected for the "Regional Selection of DOP and IGP 2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oils"
June 2021



''Il Cavallino'' Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive oil awarded the Prestige Gold at the 6th international wine and oil competition, Olivinus 2012
published Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Il Cavallino Special Edition" Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the 2012 International OLIVINUS Competition



published Friday, November 11, 2016

It is time to travel in the world of food. Restaurant and Wine Guides are available during this period offering suggestions and indications throughout 2017 to all professionals and enthusiasts.
And obviously Extra virgin olive oil cannot be considered any less, so here are all those who are presented in the Flos Olei Guide 2017. The Oil Guide dedicated to all the oil producers and their selected oils, which have all been selected with very rigorous criteria by expert panel tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia (publisher and editor of the book together with Laura Marinelli).

Flos Olei actually comes as the International Consortium which is how the Guide started. It is written in Italian and English and only presents qualified olive oils. The Guide includes up to 49 countries from around the world and is destined to increase: from Europe, the Mediterranean world and overseas. Many Italian mills are in the list including the best Company of the year, emerging Company, the Frontier Company of oil and those companies who give all their passion.
The Cavallino Special Edition Leccio del Corno 2016 has obtained a remarkable and respectable score of 91/100 . With a further recognition of the quality of this product due to the attention and care that is undergone in every stage of the cultivation, harvest, pressing and most of all the preservation of our extra virgin.
The Flos Olei Guide 2017 will be presented on 10th December 2016 to the press, professionals and enthusiasts within this industry. The ceremony will be held at the prestigious Hotel Westin Excelsior in Via Veneto in Rome from 11.00 to 22.00 (for more details on FB: Flos OLEI Tour in Rome - ITA)



''Il Cavallino'' Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded the ''Prestige Gold'' at the 2013 Terraolive competition held in Jerusalem
published Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Il Cavallino Special Edition" Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the "PRESTIGE GOLD" award at TERRAOLIVE 2013.

The Mediterranean’s most prestigious competition is held in the ancient city of Jerusalem near the Mount of Olives, where olive oil represents an important and ancient tradition.

Another company milestone reached with great satisfaction! 

Prestige Gold
Il Cavallino farm
Il Cavallino Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Download the certificate:
48_terra_olivo_prestige_gold.pdf terra_olivo_prestige_gold.pdf


The year 2015 for the extra virgin olive oil - Interview with Romina Salvadori
published Sunday, September 25, 2016

2015 for olive oil has had a good performance? I would say yes, so far everything a producer of olives has he hoped occurred. Spring was rainy and the soil has good doses of stored water reserves for the summer heat. The months of July and August were very hot, but mainly bright. The plants did not suffer thanks to the water reserves of the soil and the light brought perfectly ripe olives. The September was milder temperatures especially during the night, so that the maturation has progressed in a balanced manner and aromas have developed to perfection.
There have been attacks of olive fruit fly? This year we were able to sleep soundly. The fly does not manifested itself in small quantities, in narrow areas and interventions with natural products have been more than enough to clear the problem. Almost all of the olives is in perfect health, full of flavors and antioxidants such as oleuropein, which, as you know, is a true elixir of life.
You still resorted to chemistry? No products of synthesis. We are working to pass under organic and few actions we have carried out with natural products absolutely not harmful.
How do you see the harvest in terms of quantity and quality? We expect a good result in the quantity produced but above all we rely on absolute quality excellence. Now is the time of the hard work of the harvest and the pressing of the olives. Hard work, because to get a high quality product we should be quick and timely processing. Run and run! In the morning we collect and immediately proceed with the pressing and by the evening the oil is already in a protected environment in our thermo-conditioned tanks, out of contact with light and oxygen. And since the optimal period of maturation is short, we must be able to work large daily amounts, their energy.
So this year be able to meet a greater number of customers. But prices? The amount is expected to be substantial and will enable us to satisfy the huge demand for high quality product. Simultaneously you will not have to significantly increase the price. If there is one thing that our marketing department condemn us we are to have prices still far below what the high quality of our oils could afford.



The extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino of Bibbona among the best in Italy
published Friday, June 17, 2016

Terra Olivo 2015 It has established itself as the third most important global competition in EVOO World Ranking, which examines the results of all competitions worldwide on extra virgin olive oil.
A n c h and bred race was held June 6 to 10 in a land symbolic as to quell d 'Israel, in Jerusalem, a few steps from the Holy Sepulchre and the Mount of Olives.
Chairman of the bread is Antonio G. Lauro, a name among the best known in the international world of extra virgin olive oil.
Three days of careful tasting involved a panel of thirty tasters who examined nearly 500 samples of extra virgin olive oil with excellent results for the Italian patrol, as always very large.
To note the gala dinner headed by Moshe Basson, he considered the interpreter of Israeli cuisine of the future, but firmly rooted in the ancient traditions as proposes interesting interpretations of dishes "Bible" from the scriptures. The extra virgin it is obviously important component.
The exciting results for "Il Cavallino Special Edition" of Romina Salvadori, entrepreneur olive oil Bibbona, who finished in the top fourteen oils of Italy and was awarded the Gold Medal Grand Prestige. Still a prestigious award, among many received in recent months, which confirms, if ever proof were needed, the professional skills of the company even in a year like 2014 issue.
The jury in the presence of Israeli experts and experts Palestinians leaves open the hope that with a quality product as Il Cavallino Special Edition you can help with a small brick to the construction of the building of peace in the Holy Land.
The Cavallino Special Edition is obtained from the pressing of olives Leccio del Corno in purity and is an oil medium fruity-mild, slightly citrus with hints of bergamot, yellow flowers, tomato and green pepper. The palate is slightly bitter perfectly harmonized by the spicy and has very long persistence.
To make the most of their characteristics can be used as a sauce for pasta with octopus reef for the fish with salt, cook for a pigeon to pentolo. Also try with Tuscan herbs and ricotta ravioli, pasta with seafood in white, shellfish stew.



''Il Cavallino'' Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil award winner at the 2013 Olivinus international olive oil competition held in Mendoza, Argentina
published Tuesday, June 14, 2016

At the 2013 OLIVINUS International Olive Oil Competition, Il Cavallino Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded:

Gran Prestige Gold
Best Packaging

OLIVINUS is the most important extra virgin olive oil competition in the world, now in its 7th year. OLIVINUS has had, and continues to have wide international media coverage.

The competition’s reputation speaks for itself: with the quality and experience of its judges, it is not by chance that it is considered the most credible and proven competition of its kind.

Another success for our product in a very satisfying 2013!

Download the certificate:
47_olivinus_2013_gran_prestigio_oro.pdf olivinus_2013_gran_prestigio_oro.pdf

47_olivinus_2013_miglior_packaging.pdf olivinus_2013_miglior_packaging.pdf


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Il Cavallino premiered at the 2014 CIOOA
published Saturday, June 11, 2016

Copenhagen rewards Extra Virgin Olive Il Cavallino Special Edition. The CIOOC, Copenhagen international olive oil competition is an international competition on extra virgin olive oils from all over the world with the ambitious goal of becoming the benchmark for this industry in the markets of Scandinavia. Patrikios Greg is the founder and organizer for this year and collected 125 labels from 18 countries. 

The Special Edition monocultivar Leccio del Corno, Azienda Il Cavallino of Romina Salvadori, has been awarded a prestigious "Certificate of Excellence" in the category of medium-sized fruit. The recognition is added to the gold medal of the competition in New York and by the inclusion of the German magazine Feinschmecker among the 200 best oils in the world.



Bronze medal for the Cavallino Special Edition for the 2015 edition of
published Saturday, May 28, 2016

Only one winner, regardless of the category and country of origin: this is The Magnificent in its final formula. As is known, the non-profit Association Award The Magnificent was born in memory of Marco Mugelli and Massimo Pasquini, the memory of which is called the premium. In line with the teachings of the two teachers who have strongly affected the quality of extra virgin Tuscan arisen before, and Italian and international then, the founders have decided that The Magnificent should be a prize that will be awarded each year to the oil It received the highest score from the tasting panel.
So the best oil ever, whether Italian or foreign, because the excellence have no borders or barriers, and the tasters do not have and should not have prejudices. On the other hand, the association was founded with the intention of identifying excellence and to help them to emerge on the international market, at the same time promoting a correct perception of the oil among consumers. The Magnifico is an independent award, and as such capable - thanks to the collaboration with expert panel and mature - to identify the best products in the world in total transparency and impartiality.
This year, the extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino has brought home a wonderful third place!



The virgin The Cavallino Special Edition Holm Horn Silver Medal at International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in Tokyo
published Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From 17 to 19 April was held in Tokyo, the fourth edition of the international competition OLIVE JAPAN 2015, organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (Osaj). It is the only Japanese professional organization, created to educate and graduate experts of oil, independent of any structure of the business Olivario.
As well as interact and influence consumers in the world of gastronomy, the OLIVE JAPAN offered a valuable opportunity to communicate the potential of the Japanese market to international operators helping them to expand their presence in Japan.
2015 edition was attended by 441 labels from 22 different nations, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malta Morocco, New Zealand, Palestine, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, United States and Uruguay.
In such a competitive context the virgin monocultivar Leccio del Corno Il Cavallino Special Edition has reached the second step of the podium with a prestigious silver medal.
Very interesting the Symposium which was held on the sidelines and that had as subject the foundations of practical science of sensory tasting explained by analysts of global importance. Famous chefs have discussed the relationship between the art of cooking and the flavors and scents of extra interpreted from the point of view of "eastern" and very particular problem.



The extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino" among the best Italian extra virgin in the guide "Gambero Rosso"
published Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another prestigious award is in addition to the many collected from the farm "Il Cavallino".

Below is the description of extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino" on the famous guide "Gambero Rosso"

"Enterprise: Romina Salvadori run for more than a decade this lovely farm a few kilometers from the sea, in an area that has always suited to the cultivation of olives and vines. Here are hosted about 16,000 plants that find space in 75 acres of olive groves distributed from the hill to the valley. After picking the drupes are immediately brought to the oil mill and milled shortly after time in order to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics and the phenolic charge.

Product: a taste always nice to this single variety of oak horn. A virgin elegant and versatile in the kitchen that is expressed on the nose with hints with almonds and vegetable stands where valerian and pine nuts. The palate is distinguished for its aroma and consistency for its great balance between bitter and spicy, never intrusive.

Pairings: salad lettuce and walnuts. "



Il Cavallino Bibbona protagonist in
published Monday, May 25, 2015

Three historical firms of gastronomic Italian gave birth on May 3 event "TuttoGusto - Meeting of stories and flavors" connected to the event and TuttoFood EXPO 2015 at the Space Anniluce Milan.
An exhibition and tasting of products open to national and international buyers, printing and food bloggers.
Il Cavallino Bibbona (Livorno), which produces extra virgin olive oil in the hills of Bolgheri coast for over three generations, has presented, during the evening, along with the Rizzoli Emanuelli, from 1906 reference company of canned fish and to GrissinBon , famous for its baked goods.
The event had its highlight in the show cooking led by Enrica's Martira, one of the protagonists of Italian MasterChef 2014, who prepared delicious recipes to enhance the products of the three partners. Show cooking and tasting, followed by a buffet dinner for all the guests.
Great success for the combinations of recipes Enrica, from steak tartare to fillets of mackerel and anchovies, panzanella and the various Tuscan extra virgin olive oils presented by Il Cavallino, most notably the "Special Edition" monocultivar Holm Horn and blend traditional Tuscan "Il Cavallino".



The extra virgin olive oil ''Il Cavallino'' Special edition awarded at the International Olive Japan
published Monday, May 4, 2015

The extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino Special Edition"
winner of the "Silver Medal Award" all 'Olive Japan.

Olive Japan is one of the most important international competitions held in Japan, and is an important tradition.



Gold New York for the extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino Bibbona
published Thursday, April 30, 2015

A demonstration of good agronomic practices applied by Franco and Romina Salvadori in a difficult year like 2014, characterized by rainfall and attacks of the olive fruit fly, one of the most prestigious international awards enriches the palmares of the farm Il Cavallino Bibbona . 

The New York International Olive Oil Competition is defined as the most important competition in the world in the field of extra-virgin olive oil. 
In Edition 2015, including more than 700 participants from 25 countries, the oil Leccio del Corno Il Cavallino Special Edition has won the coveted Gold Award in the Medium class Monovarietal, a gold medal very heavy given the conditions in which the harvest is done. 

The splendid result follows the awards won by the gold medal in the competition Monocultivaroliveoil.Expo2015, the recognition of "Best Oil of Tuscany" and Corona Maestrod'olio for Terre d'oil Fausto Borella and Gourmet Gold medal at the International Prize of AVPA Paris. 
A demonstration of how the face of difficulties Vintage, a run olive banner of good agricultural practices and philosophy of environmental balance, professionalism and many years of experience have allowed us to interpret the needs of the plant and in any case have led obtaining excellent results. 

The Special Edition is obtained from the pressing of olives Leccio del Corno in purity and is an oil with a fruity-mild, slightly citrus with hints of bergamot, yellow flowers, tomato and green pepper. The palate is slightly bitter perfectly harmonized by the spicy and has very long persistence. 
To make the most of their characteristics can be used as a sauce for pasta with octopus reef for the fish with salt, cook for a pigeon to pentolo. Also try with Tuscan herbs and ricotta ravioli, pasta with seafood in white, shellfish stew



The year 2014 for the extra virgin olive oil Romina Salvadori and the company
published Monday, April 20, 2015

A 2014 to throw for the oil? '' Do not generalize '', says Romina Salvadori Il Cavallino Bibbona, '' In some situations and with much expertise you have obtained excellent extra virgin olive oil ''. 

2014 was a difficult year? 
Certainly, not deny it. The climate there has certainly helped. Spring was very warm, with the presence of many of those that are improperly called "bubbles of heat." Already this phenomenon has a negative effect on flowering and fruit formation. Then the summer was very wet, with many hailstorms which fortunately have not touched our area of Tuscany Coast. The weather conditions have also caused abnormal development of the Moscow oil production (Olive fruit fly) that attacks the fruits injecting eggs that hatch after a few days doing the berry rot. 

You have managed to counter the oil fly somehow? 
Certainly. We did not stop for a moment and this resulted in a non-stop work very hard and complex. Fortunately we are devoting much attention to the biological world, and we have long adopted practices to protect the environment. We are looking for a natural balance with the use of non-synthetic products and the intervention of factors contrast to the insect with various systems, including the use of the bats of which favor the acclimatization. 

You still resorted to chemistry? 
Yes, in some phases of attack claimed we made ​​use of mineral products. In the period before the collection we have, however, suspended by using natural products. The rest involved interventions always very timely, ie the period between treatment and harvest it should not provide the slightest delay or mishap. We preferred to resort to an early harvest as possible compared to full maturity, and in some cases even a month, and this in order to preserve to the maximum the vegetable aromas and fruity oil. This unfortunately has affected the yields that were significantly lower, but the quality that was is exceptional. 

How does the crop in terms of quantity and quality? 
We had a significant drop in the quantity produced and unfortunately our customers will sip their consumption. Instead, we are very happy with the quality. It is certainly not a year from primates and among the best, but the products, both monocultivar that the blend, have excellent characteristics of fruity and a good balance between spicy and bitter. This taste is less pronounced than the classic vintages, but for some customers this is indeed a positive characteristic and pleasant. 

Participate in international competitions? 
Our extra virgin olive Holm Horn Special Edition has organoleptic extraordinary. Whereas in other countries of the Mediterranean problems are not missed, we think we can keep at the top of the charts at least for the northern hemisphere. We are preparing in these days shipments of samples and perfecting entries to competitions around the world, from New York to Copenhagen, from Israel to Japan. 

And what about the prices? 
Our extra-virgin have always had a great relationship between quality and price. It is true that the cost of production this year has skyrocketed because of all the care that we had to have to get a high quality product, but we do not want to fall on our customers business choices. We are proud to offer a product definitely territorial, healthy and safe at correct prices and accessible. There are many rumors and even pessimistic disparaging on oil production this year, but we can prove to the origin and health of our oils refers mainly to the absence of pesticide residues. We can offer a high quality product for perfume and taste of all territorial and absolutely healthy.



The history of the farm "Il Cavallino"
published Monday, April 20, 2015


The Salvadori "Il Cavallino" born in Montescudaio, a small hilltop village a few kilometers from the sea of ​​Cecina, where woods, vineyards and olive groves welcome to those who approach.


For a tourist several years ago it was not hard to find Peter with his sons Pasquino and Salvo in their campaigns, intent on taking care of their olive trees and their vines, ready to offer a "gotto" of wine to anyone stopped to exchange a few chatter. With the passage of time our olive groves became bigger, fell down in the valley, up to cover a good portion of the country bounded by the town of Montescudaio, Bibbona and Cecina, some have been renewed, others are secular.


If you go for a ride in our places there will be difficult to see any of us that, with the commitment and passion as always, takes care of the olive trees. For a decade we moved in the countryside of Bibbona, coloring the land of silvery green of 'olive tree while remaining firmly anchored to our origins in Montescudaio, where among other things still grow many of our olives crushed in the mill family.


Despite having a limited production Extra Virgin "The Horse" has admirers around the world, as every year, tourists to prove it on the tables of our area, I carry with them as a souvenir of Tuscany.


"I'm Romina Salvadori and with the indispensable help of my family I produce extra virgin olive oil in that of Bibbona, the magnificent Tuscan coast south of Livorno. We, the family Salvadori we made extra virgin olive oil the way we live, to understand life and its rhythms, before you even consider it our job. And we could not do extra virgin olive oil in an area that has centuries-old traditions in olive growing. My father Franco, after the war gave impetus to the family tradition, laying the foundation of a company today considered a flagship of the varied landscape Tuscan olive oil. "



The extra virgin Special Edition The Cavallino Holm Horn awarded in Paris
published Monday, April 20, 2015

75_AVPA medaglia d'oro 2015.jpeg
75_AVPA consegna premio.jpeg

Despite a difficult year like 2014, characterized by rainfall and attacks of the olive fruit fly, another prestigious international award goes to enrich the medal Agricola Il Cavallino Bibbona. 

The Prize AVPA is a competition that takes place in Paris and is organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Products, a non-profit organization, which includes manufacturers from around the world. Created in 2003, the AVPA has l 'objective to know and appreciate the excellent products, with specific attention to the taste. 

The jury consists of a panel of professionals in the oil sector, from some of which starred chefs and a core of enlightened gourmets. The members of the Jury shall sensory tasting products with rigor and seriousness, to identify which are oils have higher complexity, nuance, harmony in the aromas. To ensure consistency of the cultural references and language, all the judges belong to the French gastronomic culture. Before the contest, a pre-selection allows you to exclude products which by their nature do not meet the minimum requirements of the competition. Oils selected at the end of this first phase are admitted to the final tasting and get the certificate of Produit Gourmet. All tastings are carried out blindly in a sensory analysis laboratory. 

The extra virgin Special Edition The Cavallino Holm Horn was placed on the top step of the podium, winning the award "Gourmet d'Or", in the category Fruity Medium green. 

Wonderful result that follows the awards won by the gold medal in the competition Monocultivaroliveoil.Expo2015 and recognition of "Best Oil of Tuscany" and Corona Maestrod'olio for Terre oil Fausto Borella. 

A demonstration of how the face of difficulties Vintage, a run olive banner of good agricultural practices and philosophy of environmental balance, professionalism and long experience have helped to interpret however the needs of the plant and have led obtaining excellent results.



Yearly Index of the World's Best Olive Oils
published Friday, April 11, 2014

52_52_55_best olive oils.png
Extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino Special Edition" was included in the prestigious annual Index of the best olive oils in the world of the year 2014. 

Each April in New York, during the event NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition), a group of international experts tasted more than 700 extra virgin olive oils from every corner of the globe, to determine which deserve to be recognized as the the best olive oils in the world. 

The extra virgin Il Cavallino has carved an important place in this year and its review is visible on the website: www.bestoliveoils.com



The Extra Virgin Olive Oil ''Il Cavallino'' Special Edition has been mentioned on the guide of Marco Oreggia Flos olei 2014
published Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino Special Edition has been chosen among many others, to be mentioned in the prestigious "Guide to the world of extra virgin oil" by Marco Oreggia.


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