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The history of the farm
article published on 20/04/2015

The Salvadori "Il Cavallino" born in Montescudaio, a small hilltop village a few kilometers from the sea of ​​Cecina, where woods, vineyards and olive groves welcome to those who approach.


For a tourist several years ago it was not hard to find Peter with his sons Pasquino and Salvo in their campaigns, intent on taking care of their olive trees and their vines, ready to offer a "gotto" of wine to anyone stopped to exchange a few chatter. With the passage of time our olive groves became bigger, fell down in the valley, up to cover a good portion of the country bounded by the town of Montescudaio, Bibbona and Cecina, some have been renewed, others are secular.


If you go for a ride in our places there will be difficult to see any of us that, with the commitment and passion as always, takes care of the olive trees. For a decade we moved in the countryside of Bibbona, coloring the land of silvery green of 'olive tree while remaining firmly anchored to our origins in Montescudaio, where among other things still grow many of our olives crushed in the mill family.


Despite having a limited production Extra Virgin "The Horse" has admirers around the world, as every year, tourists to prove it on the tables of our area, I carry with them as a souvenir of Tuscany.


"I'm Romina Salvadori and with the indispensable help of my family I produce extra virgin olive oil in that of Bibbona, the magnificent Tuscan coast south of Livorno. We, the family Salvadori we made extra virgin olive oil the way we live, to understand life and its rhythms, before you even consider it our job. And we could not do extra virgin olive oil in an area that has centuries-old traditions in olive growing. My father Franco, after the war gave impetus to the family tradition, laying the foundation of a company today considered a flagship of the varied landscape Tuscan olive oil. "